Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow.. Where is the world have I been???

There is so much that has happened since I last posted.. Clear back in JANUARY!!!!
Where do I even Begin....

February: Nothing to exciting happened during this month it was just work and work and little play time. Valentines was something that happened to bad it wasn't a worth while event. Parentals were gone and I was home watching the Family dogs. Had some friends over and just chillax'd and celebrated that it was SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!! It was quite the fun time, with complete randomness and just having a grand ole' time!

March: Was a month of busy busyness, The dealership I worked at was selling like crazy. Its hard to believe that they were selling so much due to the falling economy. But we were selling and so so crazy busy. It was just work and little or no play due to being so tired from all the time that was being put in at work. But I planned on some fun fun trips for the next couple months so that was exciting.

April: Was quite the eventful month. I went to Wendover and Vegas and St. George all withing a three week period it seemed like. But it really quite fun! It started out with St. George and a day trip to Vegas with Maddie's brother Kris AKA Beb and his lovely wife LIBBAAAYYY! She is quite the hoot!! I just love her. Then it was off to Wendover for a little Dirks Bently Concert and then back home to reality!!
I laid on the floor and took this lovely picture before I yelled at by the security guards at one of the hotels. I am sorry I wanted to take a good picture of the ceiling dude!!

Me, Libby and Mads!

Kris and His Wife, Libby

This is us driving to Vegas. Yes we do know how to have anywhere!!!

Me and Mads in Wendover. We are so excited!!!!

This was just a Random picture That I think is so so Adorable!!!
That is all I am going to update now! I will update later on this weeek!!!

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